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Professional Damp Treatments in Somerset

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Rising Damp

What Is Rising Damp?

Not only unsightly but also potentially harmful to your health, rising damp can cause an array of issues, from mould growth to the devastating decay of timber. It also causes heat loss from your property, due to the conductivity of damp walls. In short, effective damp treatments will help protect your property, your health, and your wallet.

Signs of Rising Damp

It's often possible to identify rising damp visually in the first instance. Typical signs include:

Damp - Signs of Rising Damp

  • A Damp Patch and Staining on the Wall up to 1 Metre above Ground Level

  • Wallpaper Peeling from the Wall

  • Black Mould Growing above the Skirting Line

  • Rotting Skirting Boards

Removal and Prevention

We remove rising damp and provide treatment to protect against any further occurrences. First, we remove the plaster on any affected walls and apply a chemical damp-proofing course. Then we re-render the walls with waterproof render and re-plaster them. Please note that walls must be allowed to dry thoroughly before re-decoration takes place.

Rising Damp

Additional Services

In addition to removing and preventing damp, we are also skilled in eliminating condensation, which is the most common cause of damp. With our help, you can treat the problem at its source and avoid further damp problems.

Removing Damp from Properties

Our damp treatments and services eradicate problems like rising damp and black mould.