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Mould, or mildew, can grow in properties for several reasons, including excess moisture caused by leaking pipes, condensation and flooding. At Somerset Damp Proofing, we provide a range of mould treatments to resolve and prevent issues. As trusted damp proofing specialists in Somerset, Bridgwater, Taunton, WSM and all of the surrounding areas, we also offer tanking and timber treatments to ensure properties are in top condition.

We use bleach, hand tools, cloths and a variety of other first-rate materials, equipment and products to manage all situations successfully.


Effective Solutions

Our experts provide effective solutions that we tailor to each unique circumstance. Combatting moisture is key to resolving and preventing mould from growing in your home. A lack of air ventilation often causes mould, so it is important to ensure your vents are not blocked so your property can breathe. We offer a range of treatments to improve ventilation in houses and commercial properties, including:

  • Trickle Vents

  • PIV Systems

  • Dehumidifiers

Our team can install trickle vents at the top of your windows to allow fresh air to circulate naturally throughout the room and allow polluted air to exit. We recommend leaving trickle vents open to optimise their effect. Our team also recommends fixing any plumbing leaks and other water issues as soon as possible to prevent or minimise damage.

As part of our mould treatments and prevention service, we can install a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system to ventilate your home in or around Somerset, Bridgwater, Taunton or WSM. PIV systems are an energy-efficient way to ventilate homes and improve indoor air quality. These systems replace unhealthy air with fresh, dry air by bringing filtered air into properties and increasing air circulation.

At Somerset Damp Proofing, we can also use dehumidifiers if required to dry out the walls, floors and other affected areas. Depending on the severity of the issue, absorbent and porous materials, such as ceiling tiles or carpets, may have to be disposed of if they are too mouldy. We always do our best to minimise the number of items that have to be thrown out, which we achieve by carefully scrubbing mould off hard surfaces, hacking off for more severe cases, and allowing them to dry completely.

Full-Service Mould Treatments

We provide a comprehensive service to ensure all mould issues are successfully resolved. Our experts test walls for dampness, moisture and mould to establish the location and severity of the problem. After testing, we will provide the most effective mould treatments and prevention measures.

Once the team at Somerset Damp Proofing have managed the treatments, we can patch or replaster and repaint the area if needed. We always leave buildings in and around Bridgwater, Somerset, Taunton and WSM clean and clear by vacuuming and removing all remaining spores.

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